Casting scripts for Duny (aka you know who) and Nohorn have been leaked

Thanks to redditor Taddix of r/netflixwitcher the casting script for Duny, the Urcheon of Erlenwald has been found. In an audition tape for the role released by actor Toby Sebastian Duny has a talk with Queen Calanthe of Cintra. Also a big thanks goes out to BWphoenix and badfortheenvironment for doing a transcript of the script.

“Our hearts collided. The rest is a blur. We awoke at dawn in each other’s arms. When you announced the banquet of suitors for her hand in marriage, I ended it.” (Duny in the audition script)

Visit the awesome subreddit /r/netflixwitcher to read the transcript.

But remember: The script is simply written for the audition and won’t be used for the actual show.

Edit: Another script for Nohorn, a member of Renfri’s band, has also been leaked. Thanks to redditor Depesaz we get a little inside into the role of the bandit that will be played by actor Shane Attwooll.

Click here to read the transcript on r/netflixwitcher.

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